Virtual Mystery Tour West Coast – Grey District, Heart of the West Coast

Originally posted on coastingnz:
Well it seems an apt time to showcase our own Grey District – heart of the West Coast.  A great place to base yourself to explore north and south – east and west, no not west, you’ll be in Australia.  Come on! I can vouch for it being a great place…


My New Home

I’ve moved from a cottage on a farm in Katikati to a brick refurbished 1961-design home in Central Tauranga. Quite a change for someone who likes the rural feel and energy, but times change, and we must change too or be left behind. If you’ve ever moved, you’ll know the frustration and confusion it creates. It took … More My New Home

River with a legal voice – the Wanganui/Whanganui River

The Whanganui River is about to become a legal entity in its own right. Te Awa Tupua is an environmental settlement recognising the intrinsic value of the awa/river. The river will have rights, something the Maori iwi and hapu living alongside it have considered for hundreds of years. The settlement provides a new lens through … More River with a legal voice – the Wanganui/Whanganui River

Two Good Keen Girls

It was supposed to be a rat-station baiting  day in the forest, but a previous check by volunteers found only two rats had been caught! The forest was safe for the birds this time around. Instead, we volunteers would have a walk and a barbecue. Meeting at the kohanga, literally te reo Maori for nest, … More Two Good Keen Girls